Oregon Coast Dental Care Staff

Michael T Christensen


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Missy Hadley


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  • Happy Place: I enjoy tending to my rose garden while I watch my kids play outside.
  • My Favorite Childhood Book: “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” I grew up in the Harry Potter era and remember the excitement of waiting at the local bookstore until midnight for the newest book release of the series.
  • Hobbies: Organizing, Writing, Astrology, Hiking, Kayaking
  • Favorite Smell in the Whole World: I love the smell of wet earthy soil after a rainstorm.

Brenda Frost


  • Favorite Super Hero: My grandparents – They were super heroes to me growing up. I also love Black Panther. Favorite villain: Cruella
  • Best Piece of Advice Received: “There is no reason not to go to dental hygiene school” (fellow friend & hygienist).
  • Favorite Thing About the Beach: Sunsets and the peaceful feeling that comes from sitting at the ocean.
  • Favorite Nick Name: “Momma Frost” The dance-team girls named me that when I was a dance mom. I love it!

Carolyn Hanson

Office Manager

  • Best piece of advice received: Forgive and let go
  • Ideal vacation: 4 weeks in the Tropics with zero responsibilities
  • 3 best things about you: Sense of humor, responsible, helpful
  • Hobbies: Cooking, reading, games, boating

Jamie Ryan

Front Office – Receptionist – Scheduling Specialist

  • Favorite thing about the beach: The waves! My favorites are huge, smooth waves with the wind blowing off the spray.
  • 3 best things about you: I’m low maintenance. I say what I mean. I am grateful.
  • Best advice ever received: Do what you are supposed to be doing, and don’t worry about what everyone else is supposed to be doing.
  • Favorite smell in the whole world: Fresh cut grass and charcoal barbecue! The smell of summer!

Cindi Olds

Front Office – Receptionist

  • Hobbies: Spending time with family, reading, enjoying nature, flower garden in the spring.
  • Best advice ever given: Put God first in all you do, keep your life balanced with work, rest and play.
  • Questions I’d ask my dog: What’s your favorite brand of food? How are you feeling? What’s your favorite treat?
  • Favorite smell: Freshly brewed coffee.

Pam Simao

Dental Assistant

  • What I love about my job: Helping people.
  • Hobbies: Painting, gardening.
  • Questions I’d ask my dog: What is your problem with the cat?! What itches? Who ticks you off?
  • Favorite childhood book: “Island of the Blue Dolphins”.

Alisha Hernandez

Dental Assistant

  • Happy place: The River! The Beach!
  • Favorite smell in the whole world: Fresh cut grass.
  • Hobbies: Knitting, hiking, cooking, basket weaving.
  • Favorite thing about the beach: Agates, shells, sand dollars…beach Treasure!

Cindy Cremin

Dental Assistant

  • Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, my dog.
  • Favorite thing about the beach: Looking for treasures.
  • The best advice ever given: There are no dumb questions.
  • Best advice ever received: Listen to your gut – Let Go, let God.

Sarah Oliphant

Hygiene Assistant

  • Hobbies: Agate hunting.
  • Favorite place to be: Spending time with family.
  • Best advice ever given: Be yourself.
  • 3 Best Things About You: Sarah is kind, humble, & intelligent.